Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions 😉

If the information you are looking for is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us (e.g. via the contact form).

What does preliminary project valuation look like when working with Froggo Media Team?
Every project is prepared individually. The key to its pricing is the idea and the script created on its basis.

Stage one – Contact

Firstly, we encourage you to contact us. There are few options for that: contact form or e-mail ( If you contact us, we will call back to you for discuss a concept for your video, estimated time limit for completion, other key production needs and of course your expectations. Don’t worry if you don’t have much of an idea, we’re here to help you from the start!

Stage two – Script

Based on our discussion and your expectations, we will prepare a script together with approximated range of costs and terms of implementation.

Stage three – Cost limit

Taking into account your budget possibilities, we will develop the scheme of the cash flow for the video production and establish cost limit for the whole project.

How do I join Froggo Media Collective?
If you are a creative person with an extraordinary perception of the world, contact us!

To become a member of the Collective, you must undergo the recruitment process. It consists of two basic stages. After completing each of them you will receive an email with feedback.

1. Contact us via the application form. Attach your portfolio / showreel as you wish.

2. We will contact you and arrange a meeting at a convenient time.
Why would you want to work Froggo Media?
Froggo Media is a team that connects young and talented people. Our collective unites many experts from various fields of audio-visual production. From them, we will choose the best, individual crew for your project. We believe that by passion and perseverance you can create beautiful things. Our mission is to develop high-quality original audio-visual art, which is why we encourage you to contact us.
What is Froggo Media Collective?
The Froggo Media Collective is an internal team of creators and professionals from various fields of art and production organization who create our productions. Among us are directors, animators, photographers, set designers, camera operators, film editors, screenwriters, production managers and many other artists. Thanks to them, your project will be developed in the greatest detail in every aspect of creativity, implementation and execution.